Easy To Use Pixel Tape 

  • Enjoy 16 amazing light show patterns straight out the box
  • Wireless remote control with great effects such as "Comet, Rainbow and Strobe"
  • Add the wow factor with flowing colours, no more just boring RGB standard tape 
  • Adjust the brightness, speed and effect in the palm of your hand
  • Wireless pixel driver that fits almost anywhere, small, sleek, and very powerful
  • 5 Meters of pixel tape ready to fit, complete with 3M adhesive backing
  • Fits almost anywhere such as lighting coves, seating pelmets or behind a bar
  • Top quality branded Meanwell power supply for safety and reliability

"100% Risk Free Guarantee"

We want you to enjoy this "Complete pixel starter kit". You can NOW experience pixel led tape, at a fraction of the normal price associated with this type of effect.

The product offers flow effects along the LED tape, plus it can do all the standard functions associated with basic colour changing RGB led tape.


"This is simply a great product to get you into flowing pixel LED tape, its so easy to use and install. There is no need to program anything, it's ready to go! with 16 pattern on the programmed on to the remote control..."

Mark broadhead - MBSL - Sound & LED Lighting installer

  • # 00 Colour Snap - Snaps using all colours of the rainbow 
  • # 01 Colour Strobe - Strobe effect using all colours
  • # 02 Colour Pulse - Pulses in and out of colours 
  • # 03 Colour Fade - Traditional R/G/B style colour change
  • # 04 Arcade Rainbow - Rainbow chase pixel chain effect
  • # 05 Arcade Colours - Colour chase of pixels
  • # 06 Colour Sweep - Directional flow from end to end of primary colours
  • # 07 Colour Rainbow - Colour flowing effect over secondary colour
  • # 08 Comet Rainbow - Comet style rainbow effect with soft trailing edge 
  • # 09 Comet Colours - Solid colour rainbow comet followed in various colours
  • # 10 Comet Pastel - Pastel colours sent in a comet style 
  • # 11 Comet White - Famous comet effect in a white trail blaze
  • # 12 Rainbow Flow - Stunning spectrum flowing across the entire length 
  • # 13 Colour Chase - Colour chase effect of spectrum colours
  • # 14 Pastel Flow - Gentle pastel hues and shade for a subtle effect
  • # 15 Candy Stick - Beautiful complimentary colour stripes flowing together

Yes! I'm ready to order for just £199

Look at the benefits of this great pixel tape system
  • LED lighting uses virtually no electricity and requires almost zero maintenance
  • Sleek 10 mm slimline pixel tape light effect, fits virtually anywhere you can imagine 
  • Pixels flow along the tape with vivid colours or pastel hues and shades
  • Brings living colour that adds the wow factor to any environment
  • Creates very little heat compared to conventional strip lighting, so its safe to use
  • SELV extra low voltage of just 5V, ideal for public spaces
  • Optional extruded housings and diffusion filters available to make a beautiful finish 
  • Wireless remote control system for ease of use and installation
What is included in my system

  • Ergonomically wireless remote control 
  • Wireless LED pixel tape driver
  • 5 Meters LED pixel tape,complete with 3M adhesive backing
  • Branded Meanwell plug in the wall laptop style power supply
  • Full installation and pattern suitability guide
  • Handy wall mounting cradle for wireless remote control

The wireless control system is "simply brilliant"

Its powerful, easy to use, exciting and above all, it makes you look pretty good too. We have done all the hard work for you, so that you don't have to spend hours of time programming, mapping and connecting endless wires together to get the desired result. 

This task can be somewhat expensive, slow and difficult to achieve the desired results, especially where pixels are concerned. What we have here is ground breaking and challenges the very complexity of pixel led tape control.

The "Complete pixel stater kit" offers lots of key benefits and features normally only seen in complex, expensive systems. It allow you to experience pixel light shows at a fraction of the cost associated with this type of technology.

Naturally you may not want full pixel action all of the time!. With this handy wireless remote controlled system, you can create simple RGB colour change that you would expect from a simpler system, or you can add the wow factor with great pixel light shows, all in the palm of your hand.

The wireless remote control has the ability to "freeze" the colour or "store" the colour to one of its memory buttons. You can also "store" your favourite pattern to a memory button. 

Click above to order your "CompletePixel Starter Kit" as we only have limited stock of 100 systems. Order NOW to reserve your kit to you before stocks run low.