Digital LED Tape
High Power Non-Waterproof


The DT-HD-60 Digital tape has 60 RGB leds per meter with built in DigiLED IC processor to control the LED flow. Digital Pixel tape with High Definition colour flow and brightness.

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The DT-HD-60 DIGITAL LED Tape has 60 RGB DigiLED’s per metre, with built-in IC Processor for smooth LED Control. DIGITAL Pixel Tape with high definition colour flow and brightness. Our DigiLED’s are pitched @ 16.5mm on a 2 ounce 10mm wide copper ribbon known as LED Tape. To us its DIGITAL Tape. Cutting points are every 16.5mm behind each LED Pixel. The cut should be made between the pads on the flexible tape along the cut line.

Advanced Pixelated Technology

DIGITAL have been working very hard developing a Pixelated LED Tape product.
Unlike normal basic colour changing LED Tape, DIGITAL LED Tape includes our
built-in macro patterns and flow effects using the ability of being able to control
each individual LED seperately.

Flexible & Cuttable

DIGITAL LED Tape is highly flexable to fit in the most
tightest and toughest of applications.
Do you require an odd length of tape? No problem, you are able to cut the tape at every LED allowing you to get exactly as much
DIGITAL LED Tape as you need.

DIGITAL LED Tape Drivers

DIGITAL's LED Tape Driver are very powerful pixel mapping tools that allow you to use our built-in macros to give you an instant light-show! UK Manufactured & Designed for the highest of quality and a manufactures guarantee.

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